Odd Pets To Have


Angel De La Saint

We all have heard about people having exotic pets and then the odd pets. But have you ever thought about which ones are actually common.So here’s a list of some exotic pets that are so common you can pick-up at a pet store or even the wild.

A chinchilla is probably the most destructive pet to own and is very costly.Just to get a chinchilla it is going to cost you $150-$350 but around a breeder in pomona it can cost $450. Owning a chinchilla is a long process since they don’t really like to be held or even being touched sometimes. Most chinchilla owner’s are teenagers to young adults but on occasions young kids do have them. Overall chinchillas are good pets but aren’t for everyone so if you think that there are cool looking animals; Do your research.

Disclaimer: Ferret’s are illegal to own in california, unless you have a permit for them.

Ferret’s are the easiest animals  to take care of since they sleep for most of the day and are only up for a couple hours. But they do have some bad traits and issues that tend to sway people away from them. A major issue is their scent; They smell unusual and sometimes just completely horrible. Another issue is that they can be hard to keep in small areas because they tend to hide (natural instinct).But a big issue is that they can’t potty trained so you have to place mats where you know your ferret or ferrets go. Then you have the basics like cleaning their cage. But if you don’t mind all of those issues then you love how attached a ferret gets when it sees you. I always say a ferret is like a puppy and kitten combined because they are adorable but their issues can get overwhelming. To buy one of these guys they can cost $250 but in california the permit is $500 for one.

Raccoons  are one of the most wild animals on this list. Do I recommend you to get one of these guys;NO. The issues that come along with having a raccoon is that as a junior they can be very sweet and can be trained the same way as a puppy. But as they age they become mean and can breakout and attack for any reason. They also carry rabies and other issues can become about. So if you think a raccoon would be cool to have then be sure you have the cash and the area to keep thi animal because the fees for owning one can reach a couple thousand and some states and cities ban raccoons too.

Tarantulas are easy going animals and don’t need that much work.All you would have to do is have a tank big enough for them and feed them once in a while. The thing is they don’t like to be handled that often. Normally people have females since they live longer but having a male isn’t a rare but uncommon.Now when looking for a tarantula you have to start doing research and making sure that you don’t get a crazy tarantula that will jump out of your hand or on you. Some breeds of tarantula do that and people either let them die or release them.So like any pet that you are interested in, do your research.  But tarantulas can range from $20 to 150$ but if you want a rare breed then prepare to pay over $200 for it. I would suggest that a starter tarantula budget shouldn’t be over $300.

For the most likely exotic pet on this list; a chameleon is going to be difficult to find but I have heard that most pet shops have them. But when I talk to owners they say they have fun for a while but they aren’t for long term and it’s like owning a large dog. They don’t live that long expectaly the panther chameleon which only lives 2-3 years but I have seen them live 5 years.

Veiled chameleons also live up to 5 years and the longest and most suggested chameleons, which are jackson chameleons live 5-10 years. Owning chameleons isn’t expensive and you only need a tank, sand, light setup, and lettuce. 

Squirrel’s along with racoons are wild animal’s but can be domesticated like racoons. Owning a squirrel is a hard pet to own since they have so many problems like a hamster. They are easily tamed in a couple days but they usually die for almost every reason.Another issue about having a squirrel is that there illegal and to legally own one, you have to go through a lot of legal issues to have it. But if you get through that then you have to keep these guys in a cage for most of the time since they will shred everything that can be shredded. Overall keeping a squirrel is okay because they are just overall cute but the issues can overwhelm most people so the top hat is off for the people who own these guys.