“Sex Education” Netflix Original is Making Waves



Sex Education is turning heads and getting noticed as a hit Netflix original. The series is about a boy who secretly practices sex therapy just like his mom. Otis Milburn helps kids with the sex dilemmas. Otis brings his friend Maeve into the mix and the two charge their friends for sex therapy.

In addition to the drama between all of their “clients” problems. There is a love triangle between Otis, Maeve, and whoever they may or may not have a crush on at the time. Cue all the relationship drama, secret loves and dramatic misunderstandings. Despite being a “sexpert” Otis has his own fair share of sexual disfunction and issues to get past.

The show does a great of job of confronting issues rarely talked about amongst teens. Since all of the main characters are “broken” in some way, it makes them that much more interesting and easy to identify with. Junior Diaz says his favorite character is Maeve because “she’s got a mean face, but she’s really shy and trying to make friends.”

Denise Ramirez says, Sex Education was “great and interesting.” Ramirez isn’t the only on loving the second season. Fans and Netflix have spoken and the show will be coming back for a third season with all the main cast likely returning.

Those looking for teen drama and a little sex advice on the side need to tune in to this Netflix original.