Star Wars Battlefront 2 Redeems Itself and More

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Redeems Itself and More

Anthony Padilla

Nearing 3 years ago, the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was one being looked forward to, promising a true authentic Star Wars experience. However, all hope was lost upon release date, when all was delivered was an authentic credit card experience. Players were met with nothing more than a pay-to-win experience personified.

“Cards” were a big part of the game, which boosted players stats, essentially giving them an advantage. However, obtaining these cards was not guaranteed. Lootboxes were the only way to obtain the cards, costing $5 for the cheapest box, which wouldn’t even guarantee a decent card .  As for other aspects of the game, fan favorite Star Wars characters were locked behind excruciating hours of grinding, over 30 hours required per character. Thousands of dollars were required to obtain all items in game, the entire game itself being disgraceful for constantly milking its playerbase . The game, only a few months after release, was hated, and died.

Fast forward nearly 2 years, late 2019, the game seemingly did the impossible, and pulled off one of the greatest redemption stories in gaming history. With the removal of all pay-to-win as a start, the game started releasing updates slowly, continuing to support it over the low points of the game. Star cards were now directly tied with putting time into the character, not just putting in credit card information. The game truly restored itself with the celebration edition early December, same month as the release of “The Rise of Skywalker”. This edition, either upgrade or bought directly, Unlocked almost every single cosmetic item in the game, except for maybe 4. For reference, there’s hundreds of cosmetics for Storm Troopers, Droids, and the Heroes of the game. This edition will run someone back $40 on Pc, Xbox, and playstation, but can occasionally be found cheaper. An upgrade would be around $20.

The game is attracting more players than ever, and its reported that current player counts are surpassing player counts a month after the games release. Recently, the game has announced a massive update based on the new trilogy, and promises to add new maps from the trilogy, new modes on certain maps, and even some new characters, such as the loveable BB-8 and BB-9.  Mr.Maes  is quoted saying “ I haven’t really known about the new updates, but hearing the community opinion might make me check it out”.

Having played a dozen or so hours, the game is not only a fun intriguing experience, but also incredibly immersive. The different game modes offered various scenarios, each as great as the last. The game isn’t trying to imitate a star-wars like battlefront.  It is that battlefront. Iconic Star Wars heroes, Iconic maps, the game is iconic all together.

It has been revealed recently that an update that was supposed to launch January 30th was held back due to a bug found in the last hours of play testing. This shows that the developers are making sure players are getting the best content available.

The game truly does look amazing, and the gameplay is engaging, as well as entertaining. It has been constantly followed throughout its deepest lows, and will be supported even more in its now all time high. If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, or are just looking for a fun multilayer experience, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is most certainly for you.