Staying Home When Sick


Fabiola O.

When you are sick, you do not have the energy to go to school or work. Staying home from school or work, can prevent many people from getting sick. Most of the time it is best that you stay home to regenerate and feel better, but if it’s just a little cold, it’s best to go to school or work.

“If they have diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever higher than 100 F, then you should stay home,” said Lucia Caballero, the school nurse at Bassett High School.

According to CDC, if you have been fever- free until 24 hours, then you can go back to school. The first three days, the flu is very contagious so staying home can stop the sickness from spreading to other people. Getting other people sick is a burden to them because then they are going to have to miss school or work.  I would not be happy if someone got me sick and staying home can prevent that. Also, when you do go to school or work sick, you are not putting in your best effort.

If you ever become sick during school or work, consider leaving home early. Encountering someone during the first few hours of you being sick, is very likely for them to catch the sickness and eventually become sick as well. So, if you are deciding on whether to go home early, the best answer would be yes. Staying at work or school when you are sick has more of a negative impact than a positive one. Personally, I would go home if I did not feel good.

“If you are vomiting, have diarrhea, have a fever, or have body aches and ear -aches, then you will most likely be sent home,” Ms. Caballero said.

More than half of people go to work when they aren’t feeling well according to Ladders. This is probably the case for people with low paying jobs. They can’t afford to lose work when they aren’t feeling well, so they push through their sickness and attend work. However, people with average and high paying jobs usually skip work when they don’t feel good.

“Some tips to get better quicker are to drink lots of fluids, rest, and take over the counter medication to help your flu symptoms,” Ms. Caballero said.

If you have called into work many times already and you still don’t feel good, considering getting professional help from your doctor is the best idea. The same applies to people who go to school and missed a lot already because you don’t feel good. In California, the law requires people to have three paid days of sick leave.

If you are sick, the best idea is to not go to work or school. You are not able to function properly if you are sick. I know that I would not be at my full potential if I went to school sick. Not being at your best during work, could be dangerous and not in your best interest if you want to keep your job. Staying home and resting could save a lot of people from being sick.