R6’s New Operators Charge into The Fray


Anthony Padilla

Once again, a new season of Rainbow Six is upon us. Even after 5 years, the game still goes strong with updates, events, and operations that always keep the game fresh. This time, the operation for Rainbow is being extremely looked forward to by the community, bringing 2 new operators, one more loved than the other, and the rework to a fan favorite map, Oregon. 

        For those unfamiliar with a Rainbow Six, it’s an extremely competitive first person shooter that focuses on extreme strategies,team communication, and raw skill. To keep the game fresh and new, around every 3 months a huge update comes to the game, known as an operation. Updates consist of 2 new operators(characters) and a new map/reworking of an old map. Operators come with new abilities that can drastically change matches. 

        This season, the two new operators being introduced are Iana, the attacking operator, and Oryx, the defending operator. 

       Iana, the space themed operator, has her gadget as a completely moveable replica of herself, that is able to scout out the map, as well as maybe scaring off a defender holding an angle. She offers two assault rifles, and her kit focuses around getting deep into enemy lines, or atleast making it seem that way. A key focus of her playstyle is being both smart, and methodical.

       Oryx, the defender of this season, is less technological based, and more brute force based, seeing as his operator ability is being able to break through non reinforced walls, as well as charging at operators to sweep them off their feet. A big draw for this new operator is being able to take down Montagne, an operator notorious for being virtually unkillable. Other abilities this new operator has is being able to jump up onto another floor, as well as being able to traverse the map faster using their charge ability.

Oregon is the map being reworked, with many classic areas of the map being changed. Adrian Sanchez, 11th, stated “There’s a lot of changes coming, but I’m excited. I still hate the hitboxes though..”

Overall, this update is certainly keeping the game fresh and alive, the update going live today, March 10th.