Student Collections Around Bassett


Anthony Padilla

Having a collection of any sort isn’t uncommon this day and age. Common collections may include comic books, baseball cards, movies, etc. However, these may be collections of the past, where now in the current day, there’s an extremely new world of collecting, either products, or things with sentimental value. People have been known to collect the craziest things from Coca Cola cans, to Traffic cones, and even toenails, collections range far and wide, and pretty much anyone can have a collection, big or small, extravagant or boring. Let’s look at some collections around bassett.

Sergio Aldana (Junior) has what he considers to be a collection, being a Hoodie Collection. Specifically, he’s keen on collecting a hoodie of every color possible. As of right now, he has every color of the rainbow. When asked about why he started collecting them, he stated “At first it was just because I liked hoodies, but it really spiraled when it became a competition between me and my friend….eventually we bought so many I didn’t know which to wear anymore…it’s grown ever since”. Comically,he said his girlfriend now has most of his collection. 

Ana Simon,Sophomore, has more of a sentimental collection, being with Race Bibs. Ana is a runner, and during races runners get their racing bib. Ana has been collecting them for about a year now. She stated “At first I kept them in a little box, but as they built up, I started framing them on my wall.” She said she began collecting them “because they meant something to me. They’re souvenirs that show how far I’ve come as a runner” 

        However, not all collections are simple like the two states before. Some are more out there, like the collection Andrew Beas, Junior, had. Andrew stated that he actually had a collection of rusty or beat up scrap metal, a unique collection indeed. When asked why he started collecting the type of item, Beas stated “I was always curious about what metal scraps were on the floor, since everyone looked at the floor but didnt see what’s on it unless it’s shiny”. It’s questionable about how large the collection could really grow, but Beas states that “over months, i collected about two bags worth of rusted nails, springs, random scraps in general”, later stating how accomplished he felt. While it may seem like an odd collection, the actual meaning behind it is something to think about.

      Personally, I have a collection of my own, being my large wall of monster cans, each completely a unique type of monster. It’s pretty cool. 

       Overall, anyone can either have a collection or start a collection. It can have multiple reasons behind them, either being sentimental, or just enjoying what you collect. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had a collection of any sort.