The Night Clerk Keeps Audience On Edge


Narely A.

If you are the type that loves to watch mystery, puzzle solving films then The Night Clerk is sure to be somewhere in your ballpark. Go through the guessing, predicting game that is this movie and find out if the night clerk is proven innocent or even if he was ever innocent at all.

The given plot tells that a woman was murdered in a hotel room and the hotel clerk being the only person there that night, becomes a prime suspect. The thing is that this night clerk is diagnosed with autism (Asperger’s) and has a habit of watching anything and everything in that hotel through security cameras; furthermore, he witnessed the scene himself through the cameras. But because of his socially challenged personality, probably due to his condition, made him look suspicious in the eyes the lead detective in charge of the murder case.

When I personally went to go see The Night Clerk, I was pleased to find out that this movie was worth the watch and fortunately, I am surely not the only viewer who enjoyed it. I mean, even before the movie was released there were critics out there who agreed that the film was given a “stellar cast.” “This crime drama with emotionally touching performances is surprisingly low-key and quiet, taking advantage of the wee hours of the dark during which much of the story takes place,” says Common Sense Media.

What viewers need to know before going to watch this mystery film is rated R due to language,some sexual references, brief nudity and violent images.