Tension Between Kids and Parents Seeing Each Other Too Much


Fabiola Ortega

Families are stuck at home until this quarantine is over. The coronavirus was spreading rapidly, and it led to millions of people all over the world to be locked up at home with no escape from seeing their families nonstopDuring this quarantine, families either bond with each other or they get annoyed of one another and fight. I love my family, but every now and then I need some time away from them. Especially when everyone is going crazy due to this virus, things can get overwhelming. 

Before this lockdown happened, kids would go to school and not have to spend every second of the day with their parents or family members. Parents would also go to work and get some relieve from their kids. Now, some parents stopped working and their kids stopped going to school. For me, this is the case because we are all trying to stop the spread of this deadly virus.  Some reasons for tensions between kids and parents is not only because they are seeing each other too much, but because the fear and anxiety of the coronavirus are causing them to panic and they don’t know how to control that panic. This causes people to start arguing about anything that isn’t important. 

 Misinterpreted anger is another reason why family members may be feuding because someone might be trying to cope with something within themselves and take it out on another people. I try to keep calm and not freak out because then that just causes more panic not for me, but for my family around me. However, most people do not cope like I do in frightening moments. This pandemic has been creating anxiety for people all over the world and anxiety is one of the worst things to experience. Anxiety is caused by fear and that’s when families start arguing because they can’t control the fear that they have. It’s not only because they can’t prevent from everything that is happening around the world, but the fear of contracting it and passing over to the people they love. The only thing that they have control over is what they choose to do about it.

Some parents don’t have to work from home, but the parents that do have to work from home now have more things on their plate. Not only do they have to do their job, they now must take care of their children and do other responsibilities around the house. This can cause stress to the parents since they have so much to deal with. Having to deal with a lot causes anger and that is when it leads to arguments and fights between the whole family. Everyone is trying to get used to these changes that are happening so rapidly. 

Also, some families don’t have the luxury of having a bug house where everyone can lounge peacefully. People must deal with living in tight spaces with other family members and that can cause stress. If I was in a little room with a lot of people in there, I would start to panic and get angry. That is why there is so much pressure with this whole lockdown situation. However, not only do the most families have to deal with this, but since they have stopped working, there not making money so they don’t have enough money to food everyone else and pay for rent. Stressful situations like these cause people to lose control and go crazy. I think the most stressful part was that everyone was going crazy and buying more than they needed. This left stores empty and unable to provide to the families that actually needed supplies



 Coronavirus has affected every single person all over the world. Quarantine also has everyone going insane because we are stuck inside our house all day. Our routines have changed, and we need to learn to get used to them. Although this pandemic isn’t forever, we have to keep strong and have hope that very soon everything will get better.