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Hot Chocolate Worth Heating Up This Winter

Kay Miramontes, Staff Writer

January 20, 2017

Hot chocolate is loved by basically almost everyone. The most loved brand of hot chocolate is, of course, Nestle. This easy-to-make, at home hot chocolate was tested by two other people, as well as myself. This brand was given...

Time To Melt Some Snowflakes

Uriel Avila, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

From harassing people on youtube comment sections, to getting mad at friendly neighbors, people nowadays get offended by everything. Whether it’s gender, race, sexual orientation, people’s appearances, or eating habits, you...

Get Ready to Bare it All

Ariana Flores

January 13, 2017

Once the makeup process begins it never ends. By observing past generations one may notice that girls have started wearing more makeup at a younger age. While makeup gurus like Jaclyn Hill and Karen Gonzalez, also known as “iluvsarahii,”...

It’s Time to Stop the Pumpkin Obsession

Genoveive Vega, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

Fall, the season where pumpkin everything comes out. Fall means facebook pages raving over Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. There’s more to the pumpkin craze than pumpkin spice lattes; the pumpkin food ranges from nutrigrain...

Vote for Pot, Schools, and ELD

Hector Rios, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

With all of the ruckus with the upcoming presidential election, everyone already has one of the hardest decisions to make. This is all fine and dandy if there weren’t other decisions that were being made in that same month....

Mars Says No to Delicious Toppings

Amber Chacon, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

The popular candy brands, Mars, recently reported their concern regarding sugary desserts served by fast food chains. Mars is now considering removing their current partnership with McDonald’s, Burger King, and Dairy Queen...

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